Industrial constructions

The company is a privately owned Romanian company, founded in 2001. The company's team of specialists, the variety of services, timeliness deadlines, combined with a policy of low prices and over a decade of experience has propelled our company in a top position on the Romanian market, as demonstrated through the works’ portfolio of the company.


As a prime contractor, SC Electrical Business Center SRL has executed and has in progress construction works - particularly complex assembly, from the execution of infrastructure, superstructure, until the completion of objectives and turnkey commissioning.


SC Electrical Business Center SRL is a long-term partner for all its customers, providing a full range of services to high standards in constructions and giving a maximum importance to customer needs.


SC Electrical Business Center SRL comes with a vast experience, with people trained to a higher level of professionalism to provide you safety and seriousness in relation to the beneficiary and the guarantee of the best collaboration with a construction company.


We are a company ready to offer you the highest quality services in: design and execution of civil and industrial constructions, interior and exterior design, electrical, plumbing, heating, gas, air conditioning and ventilation installations, iron and aluminum assembly works.


We are qualified for a wide range of operations specific to constructions, as prime contractor:

  • industrial "turnkey" constructions – industrial warehouse, social and administrative buildings, cold storage warehouses, showrooms, shopping centers;
  • "turnkey" civil constructions- apartment buildings, administrative buildings, hypermarkets etc .;
  • exterior design;
  • interior design;
  • roads and bridges – various roads and platforms;
  • works of urban networks - water and gas supply, sewerage;
  • insulation works - thermal insulation, waterproofing, phonic insulation with the latest technologies and materials.


The company SC Electrical Business Center SRL is meeting the desire to choose together the steps for the clear start of your business.



As a prime contractor, SC Electrical Business Center SRL executed and has in progress bituminous waterproofing membranes’ works - an extremely complex assembly on surfaces exceeding 6.000 m.


SC Electrical Business Center SRL is a long-term partner for all its customers, providing a full range of services to high standards in constructions and with maximum importance to customer needs.


The classic method of waterproofing of buildings, specifically their terraces, remains one of making bituminous waterproofing membranes. Spreading that black carpet composed of bitumen was and is likely to remain, at least in the near future, the main solution to prevent the entry of water in roof structure and then inside those buildings. Bituminous waterproofing membrane works are relatively simple, being durable and highly efficient if you comply with certain basic rules, which also apply in the case of any such operations, regardless of the type of material used.


An essential first step consists in perfect cleaning of the surface of any dirt or traces of dust before applying bitumen membranes in several layers (for waterproofing works executed from scratch), or a single layer following the principle "once but good ", or the execution of repairs of existing waterproofing. In addition, the base layer must be perfectly flat without holes or bumps.


The process of applying bitumen membranes consists of thermal welding (heating the interior surface). In case of double layer waterproofing, the middle part of the second layer should cover the overlapping edges of the first layer. Bitumen membranes are available as price, the ratio between quality results and total cost being advantageous.


SC Electrical Business Center SRL operates in 15 counties. We have managed so far, in the 7 years of experience, to move successfully more than 1,500 tons of furniture products, technology and office equipment.


The most representative contract is the one concluded in record time, without events, with the National Library of Romania, in which the company was able to relocate 7 secondary locations in a record time of 2 weeks.


We can relocate company headquarters, we can relocate equipment (production lines, including electric, pneumatic and HVAC assembly) and we can relocate furniture and not least the products, equipment and HERITAGE pieces.