Distribution of electrical equipment

We recommend ourselves through the experience gained in sales, through the network of customers made both in Arges county and the country.


Over time, the range of products and services that SC Electrical Business Center SRL can provide with its own technology and equipment experienced a significant increase. This development was due to the contractual relationships based on seriousness and quality products and services. Thus, starting from the marketing of medium and low voltage electrical goods in specialized stores, the portfolio of the company consists of cars and trucks service equipment, GPS location services, etc.


We offer services with qualified personnel, ensuring every customer satisfied with the delivery of products and services at a quality level similar to that offered by Western companies. We have gained the market not by aggressive price policy, but primarily through quality products and services.


In order to provide a full range of services, our company is permanently cooperating with various companies in the country and abroad, in order to achieve high-standard services. We intend to occupy an important position on the Romanian market, in making service equipment for cars and trucks.


We offer our customers products and services of top quality, using raw materials and specific materials, with the promised speed and readiness.


Customer orientation: the needs and preferences of customers are very important to SC Electrical Business Center SRL; each project is "unique" - as each customer is unique and very important.

Quality: is a standard that satisfies all customers.

Speed and readiness: we execute and deliver exactly what we promise, within the agreed term.


Domestic producers whose product ranges we distribute are:

  • SC RELAY SA Medias


Distribution of auto parts from domestic producers and vehicle import. Tires.

SC Electrical Business Center SRL has established a national distribution network for auto parts in 2012, presently distributed in 18 counties. We offer a wide range of parts for both vehicles and domestic machineries (Raba, Saviem, U650).


All auto parts are original and guaranteed by producers based on the certificates issued with a validity of 12 months. Transportation is included in the price and delivery is limited to 48 hours.


Below, we mention some companies for which we provide these services:

  • Electrica Serv sheets S.A. – Bucharest
  • Romanian Waters - Vedea Basin Administration Arges – Pitesti
  • SC Operational Auto Leasing SRL – Suceava
  • SC Interior Direct Construct SRL – Pitesti
  • Electrica Transilvania Nord S.A.