Operational leasing services

Operational leasing by SC Electrical Business Center SRL gives you additional services depending on the needs of your company:

  • Full maintenance, including Periodic Technical Revisions and Emergency Interventions;
  • Replacing tires;
  • Body repair;
  • Civil liability insurance for car owners;
  • Optional CASCO insurance
  • Insurance for damage caused by Fires and Theft;
  • 24-hours Roadside Assistance all over the country;
  • Temporary Replacement of the car in case of breakdown or accident;
  • Permanent Replacement of the car in case of theft or total damage;
  • Accident Management;
  • Road toll;
  • Administrative procedures for Taxes and Registration of vehicles.


Operational Leasing allows you to purchase vehicles at the end of the lease term (buyback), or you can choose the option "NO RISK" and return the rented vehicles. With this last option, you avoid the effort and costs of re-selling the vehicle, while you resume activity with a new rented vehicle.


The partnership with BCR Fleet Management SA began in 2013, during which our company has signed contracts of operational leasing for over 700 vehicles. We are flexible and can provide advantageous solutions, both in financial, as well as technical terms.


Currently we have developed partnerships with:

  • FISE Electrica S.A. SERV - Bucharest
  • Lukoil Petrotel- S.A. - Ploiesti
  • CEZ Distributie Muntenia S.A.
  • The National Bank of Romania