Vehicle Workshop

 The workshop, located in the courtyard of the headquarters of SC Electrical Business Center SRL, was re-equipped with the best equipment in 2015, the personnel has over 25 years of experience, reasons for which we are able to perform the following works:



Revisions, checks and repairs of the following systems: 

  • Current maintenance systems (oils, filters, etc ..)
  • Brake systems (pads, discs, calipers, brake pumps, brake fluid, etc.)
  • Steering systems (arms, bushings, rods, rod ends, etc.)
  • Suspension systems (shock absorbers, springs, flanges, etc.)
  • Cooling and transmission systems (distribution, water pump, radiator, antifreeze, etc.)
  • Maintenance and lubrication systems (engine oils, manual gearbox, servo, differential)
  • Exhaust systems (drums, lambda sensors, catalytic converters, engine emissions, argon welding)
  • Injection systems (injectors, injection pumps, fuel feeding pumps)
  • Ignition systems (ignition plugs, ignition cable, air flow sensor, turbo blower, EGR valve).



  • Inspection and testing of vehicle systems with the latest diagnostic testers and computers.
  • Electric and electronic systems diagnosis
  • ABS- EBS- ESP system diagnosis
  • Injection systems diagnosis
  • Diagnosis and repair of injectors
  • Diagnosis of engine management systems
  • Diagnosis of climate systems
  • Replacement and repair of alternators and electro motors
  • Revision and repair of the air-conditioning system (compressor, heater, oil, Freon and pipelines replacement)
  • Check and replace of the lighting systems (bulb, headlight, stop, etc.)
  • Check windshield cleaning systems (windscreen wiper engine, splash engine)
  • Check and repair of defects on the central locking system and car alarms.



ITP station, the technical inspection line of EBC is accredited by RAR (Romanian Automotive Register) and provides mandatory periodic technical inspection of your car in the best conditions. In the ITP line are permitted vehicles with maximum weight of 3.5 tones.



 Wheel geometry setting is an extremely important operation that must be performed regularly and particularly in situations where parts are replaced by the steering system, the damping system or tire change.


 Incorrect wheel geometry can lead to accidents due to the instability of the car on the road or can cause damage such as premature and uneven wear of tires.



EBC Service provides original and aftermarket auto parts, tires and maintenance products, from the portfolio of the most famous manufacturers. Our team will advise you to buy the parts you need, if not included in our warehouse.

Thus, we provide only qualitative and competitive products to very affordable prices.